Real Italian Tradition

...and only the finest ingredients

Each dish is freshly prepared to order, using only the finest authentic ingredients and cooked using the Traditional Italian Cuisine's recipe.

Ingredients are sources from Italy, where there is no realistic substitute, and from Britain and other parts of Western Europe when taste and season suggest that other sources are better...

Home-made pasta

Home-made Pasta

Wheat flour, eggs and salt

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Piatti della Casa, or Chef's Specials, provides the focus of interest, with seafood-inspired starters and mains catching the eye and seducing the palate but there are also delicious options of Chicken and Steak for the meat lovers such as Pollo alla Siciliana - Chicken Breast rolls filled with aubergines and mozzarella and covered in a fresh tomato salsa.

We offer a multiplicity of recipes, each of them has its own peculiar style and is cooked with the authentic and characteristic ingredients used in the Real Traditional Italian Cuisine such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Parma Ham and Parmesan sources directly from Italy.


Parma Ham

Prosciutto di Parma

Parma Ham, Olive Oil and Parmesan

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Our Traditional Menu includes various dishes cooked with different Regional Italian recipes, which reflect the large variety of the Italian way of cooking, from the Northern and Southern Regions to the Islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

Set or bespoke Menus to delight your palate for special occasions or get together parties.


Wine Bar

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Healty, tasty and light

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