We would love to look after your meal

Everyday life bring an awful amount of stress and extra worries, here at Vinoteca Italiana we are aware of food allergies and intolerance's that cause extra preoccupations for daily nutrition, therefore we have worked hard to source Gluten-free Flours and Pastas specially prepared in Italy and approved by internationally recognized Associations for Coeliacs.

We would love to look after your meal, please give us a call prior to your visit to make sure we will cater the dish that you fancy eating, no extra-charge.

Responsible Sources Fish & Meat

Our Suppliers have been in the trade for decades.

Shell-fish is source mainly from the British Coasts selected in the Billingsgate and Hastings Fish Market.

Most of our meat is breaded in the UK, we source Scotch Beef and Welsh Lamb, whilst the veal and the Calf’s Liver come from the Dutch regions.

*All dishes may contain traces of nuts. Some olives may contain stones. Due to the nature of our kitchens, it is unfortunately not possible to give a total guarantee that minute traces of particular allergens may not be present in certain dishes, but we will endeavour to provide as much information as possible for you to make an informed choice. All dishes are available for take away.